The Best LEGO Table (IKEA HACK)
Recipe type: Craft/Activity
  • FLISAT Children's table from IKEA
  • MAMMUT Children's stools from IKEA
  • 2 small or medium TROFAST storage bins from IKEA
  • 2 15 x 10.5 LEGO DUPLO Base plates or classic LEGO base plates cut to size
  • Very Sharp Box cutter
  • Command Medium Mounting Refill Strips
  • MEGA Blocks and/or DUPLO LEGO
  1. Assemble table and chairs
  2. Taking your box cutter score the edges of the base plates removing two pegs from each corner, make sure to round the edges a bit so that the base plate fits inside of the storage bins
  3. Once the base plates sit comfortably inside the top of the bins then take your Command mounting strips placing them around the edges and I also placed one in the center
  4. Next place the bin inside the table and the base plate command strip side up in the storage bin
  5. I placed the table top right on top of the table and carefully removed the bin and top together with out shifting the position
  6. Carefully! flip the base plate and table top together, the base plate should now adhere to the table top in the correct position
  7. Separate the bin and table top and press the base plate firmly to secure
  8. Repeat for the other side and fill the bins with LEGO's
Recipe by Whisking Mama at