Reindeer Christmas Canvas
Recipe type: Kids Craft
  • Canvas (8x10 shown)
  • Red and brown paint
  • Paper plate or plastic (I prefer a plastic one that I clean and reuse for crafts)
  • Paint brush or foam brush
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Craft eyes
  • Optional: baby wipes on stand by for easy and quick clean up
  1. Add brown paint to your paper or plastic plate
  2. Take brush and paint little ones foot
  3. Carefully stamp the foot on the canvas
  4. Add red paint to plate and use finger to stamp the nose
  5. Draw on antlers with brown marker
  6. Add glue and adhere the eyes
  7. Optional: add eyelashes for a girl reindeer
  8. Markers for names, year or Holiday message
  9. Command strips by 3M for hanging
Recipe by Whisking Mama at